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UltraStar Manager 1.8

UltraStar Manager is a music manager for Windows that works with UltraStar
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UltraStar Manager is a music manager for Windows. It is an application that works with UltraStar, a video game that allows you to sing your favorite songs and compete with your friends to see who sings best. The manager does several things with the songs that are loaded with UltraStar.

Firstly, it allows you to keep a tidy collection of songs. You can use it to manage your collection and download artwork for your songs. There is also a lyrics viewer, which connects to the game and retrieves the lyrics of the songs that you have added. You can also carry out several tasks to change the in-game songs. For example, you can define the length of your songs from within the UltraStar Manager to shorten them. With support for ID3 tag modification, the manager allows you change certain tags that will help you group songs better within the game. I couldn't find an option to add songs from the manager; I guess you will have to continue doing that from inside the game. The application supports batch tasks. The tasks are listed on the right side of the GUI and you can check a number of them and run them all in a batch. There are even some clean-up tasks that automatically delete any files that the game does not use anymore.

José Fernández
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  • Great interface
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Lyrics viewer


  • Unable to add songs
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